The Results of a 5:42 AM Stand Against the Dream World

Last night, I had multiple bad dreams – the kind that leave a lingering darkness and that force you out of bed, because you’re too afraid to fall back asleep.

So, I got up and faced this hurt that came from imaginary events. I wasn’t going to let a false reality affect my happiness in the real one.

I listened to The Decemberists, Neil Young, Band of Horses, and Sleeping At Last. I took out the tablet, and did some drawing.

Smothering my feelings and worries with logic works sometimes, and other times, I feel like I’m pillow fighting with a grizzly bear. I feel helpless. Sometimes the things that help the most are music and art, the things that make me feel alive, the things that God uses to remind me who I am.

The results of a 5:42 AM stand against the dream world.



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